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Comprehensive Review of the Star Math Online Assessment

STAR Math is an online assessment program developed by Renaissance Learning for students in grades one through 12. The program assesses 49 sets of math skills in 11 domains for grades one through eight and  44 sets of math skills in 21 domains for grades nine through 12 to determine a student’s overall math achievement. Areas Covered The first- through eighth-grade domains include counting and cardinality, ratios and proportional relationships, operations and algebraic thinking, the number system, geometry, measurement and data, expressions and equations, numbers and operations in base 10, fractions, statistics and probability, and functions. The 21 ninth- through 12th-grade domains are similar but much more intensive and rigorous. There are 558 total grade-specific skills that STAR Math tests. The program is designed to provide teachers with individual student data quickly and accurately. It typically takes a student 15 to 20 minutes to complete an assessment, and reports are available immediately. The test begins with three practice questions designed to ensure that the student knows how to use the system. The test itself consists of 34 math questions varying by grade level across those four domains.   Features If you have Accelerated Reader, Accelerated Math, or any of the other STAR assessments, you only have to complete the setup one time. Adding students and building classes is quick and easy. You can add a class of 20 students and have them ready to be assessed in about 15 minutes. STAR Math provides teachers with the appropriate library that each student should be enrolled in for the Accelerated Math program. Students who work in the Accelerated Math program should see significant growth in the STAR Math score. Using the Program The STAR Math assessment can be given on any computer or tablet. Students have two choices when answering the multiple-choice style questions. They can use their mouse and click on the correct choice, or they can use the A, B, C, D keys that correlate to the correct answer. Students are not locked into their answer until they click Next or push the Enter key. Each question is on a three-minute timer. When a student has 15 seconds remaining, a small clock will begin to flash at the top of the screen indicating that time is about to expire for that question.   The program includes a screening-and-progress monitor tool that allows teachers to set goals and monitor a student’s progress throughout the year. This feature allows teachers to decide quickly and accurately whether they need to change their approach with a particular student or continue doing what they are doing. STAR Math has an extensive assessment bank that allows students to be tested multiple times without seeing the same question. In addition, the program adapts to the students as they answer questions. If a student is performing well, the questions will increasingly become more difficult. If he is struggling, the questions will become easier. The program will eventually zero in on the student’s correct level. Reports STAR Math provides teachers with several reports designed to assist in targeting which students need intervention and areas where they need assistance, including a: A diagnostic report, which provides information such as the student’s grade equivalent, percentile rank, percentile range, normal curve equivalent, and recommended Accelerated Math library. It also provides tips to maximize that students math growth. In addition, it details where a student is specifically in meeting both enumeration and computational objectives.Growth report, which shows the improvement of a group of students over a specific period of time. This report can cover a few weeks or months to several years.Screening report, which provides teachers with a graph that details whether students are above or below their benchmark as they are assessed throughout the year.Summary report, which provides teachers with whole-group test results for a specific test date or range, which helps to compare multiple students at one time. Relevant Terminology The assessment includes several important terms to know: The scaled score is figured based on the difficulty of the questions as well of the number of questions that were correct. STAR Math uses a scale range of 0 to 1,400. This score can be used to compare students to each other as well as themselves over time. The percentile rank allows students to be compared to other students nationally who are in the same grade. For example, a student who scores in the 54th percentile ranked higher than 53 percent of students in her grade but lower than 45 percent. The grade equivalent represents how a student performs compared to other students nationally. For example, a fourth-grade student who scores a grade equivalent of 7.6 scores as well as a student who is in the seventh grade and sixth month. The normal curve equivalent is a norm-referenced score that is useful for making comparisons between two different standardized tests. Ranges for this scale are from 1 to 99. The recommended Accelerated Math library provides the teacher with the specific grade level that the student should be enrolled in for Accelerated Math. This is specific to the student based on her performance on the STAR Math assessment.

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Essential Red Maple Tree Information

The red maple (Acer rubrum) is one of the most common, and popular, deciduous trees in much of the eastern and central U.S. It has a pleasing oval shape and is a fast grower with stronger wood than most of the so-called soft maples. Some cultivars reach heights of 75 feet, but most are a very manageable 35 to 45 ft. tall shade tree that works well in most situations.  Unless irrigated or on a wet site, a red maple is best used north of USDA hardiness zone 9;  the species is often much shorter in the southern part of its range, unless it is growing next to a stream or on a wet site.   Landscape Uses Arborists recommend this tree over the silver maple and other soft maple species when a fast growing maple is  needed because it  is a relatively tidy, well-shaped tree with a root system that stays within its boundaries and limbs that do not have the brittleness of other soft maples. When planting the species  Acer rubrum, make sure it has been grown from local seed sources, as these cultivars will be adapted to local conditions. The outstanding ornamental characteristic of the red maple is its red, orange or yellow  fall color  (sometimes on the same tree) lasting several weeks. Red maple is often one of the first trees to color up in autumn, and it puts on one of the most brilliant displays of any tree. Still, trees vary greatly in fall color and intensity. Species cultivars are more uniformly colored than the native species.   The newly emerging leaves and red flowers and fruits signal that spring has come. They appear in December and January in Florida, later in the northern part of its range. The seeds of red maple are quite popular with squirrels and birds. This tree is sometimes confused with red-leaved cultivars of  Norway Maple. Tips for Planting and Maintaining The tree grows best in wet locations and has no other particular soil preference, although it may grow less  vigorously  in alkaline soils, where chlorosis may also develop.  It is well-suited as a street tree in northern and mid-south climates in residential and other suburban areas, but the bark is thin and easily damaged by mowers. Irrigation is often needed to support street tree plantings in well-drained soil in the south. Roots can raise sidewalks in the same manner as silver maple, but because the red maple has a less aggressive root system, it makes a good street tree.  Surface roots  beneath the canopy can make mowing difficult. Red Maple  is easily  transplanted and is quick to develop surface roots in soils ranging from  well-drained  sand to clay. It is not especially drought tolerant, particularly in the southern part of the range, but selected individual trees can be found growing on dry sites. This trait shows the wide range of genetic diversity in the species. Branches often grow upright through the crown, forming poor attachments to the trunk. These should be removed in the nursery or after planting in the landscape to help prevent branch failure in older trees during storms. Selectively  prune  trees to retain branches that have a wide angle from the trunk, and eliminate branches that threaten to grow larger than half the diameter of the trunk.   Recommended Cultivars In the northern and southern end of the range, make sure to consult with local experts to choose cultivars of red maple that are well adapted to your region. Some of the most popular cultivars are as follows:   Armstrong:  A 50-ft.  tall  tree with an upright growth habit, almost columnar in shape. Its canopy is 15 to 25 ft. wide.  It is somewhat prone to splitting branches due to tight crotches. Glossy leaves turn a bright shade of red in fall. Appropriate for zones 4 through 9.  Autumn Flame:  A 45-ft. tall cultivar with a round shape and above-average fall color. Canopy is 25 to 40 ft. wide. Appropriate for zones 4 through 8.  Bowhall:  Roughly 35 ft. tall when mature, this cultivar has upright growth habit with a canopy 15 to 25 ft. wide. It grows best in acidic soil and is appropriate in zones 4  through  8. This is a cultivar that works well as a bonsai specimen.  Gerling:  About 35 ft. tall when mature, this densely branched tree has a broad pyramidal shape. Canopy is 25 to 35 ft. wide. Appropriate for zones 4 through 8.  October Glory:  This cultivar grows 40 to 50 ft. tall with a canopy that is 24to 35 ft. wide. It has above-average fall color and grows well in zones 4 through 8. This is another cultivar that can be used as a bonsai.Red Sunset:  This 50-ft.-tall  tree  is a good choice in the South.  It has a brilliant red color, with a canopy 25 to 35 ft. wide. This tree can be grown zones 3 through 9.  Ã¢â‚¬ËœScanlon’:  This is a variation of Bowhall, growing 40 to 50 ft. in height with a canopy 15 to 25 ft. across. Turns bright orange or red in fall, and grows well in zones 3 through 9.  Ã¢â‚¬ËœSchlesinger’:  A very large cultivar, rapidly growing to 70 ft. with a spread as much as 60 ft. Beautiful red to purple-red fall foliage that holds its color for as much as a month. It  grows in  zones 3 through 9.  Ã¢â‚¬ËœTilford’:  A globe-shaped cultivar that grows up to 40 ft. in height and width. Varieties are available for zones 3 through 9. The  variety of  drummondii  is ideal for zone 8. Technical Details Scientific name: Acer rubrum (pronounced AY-ser Roo-brum).Common name(s): Red Maple, Swamp Maple.Family: Aceraceae.USDA hardiness zones: 4 through 9.Origin:  Native to North America.Uses: An ornamental tree usually planted lawns for its shade and colorful fall foliage;  recommended for buffer strips around parking lots or for median strip plantings in the highway; residential street tree; sometimes used as bonsai species.   Description Height: 35 to 75 feet.Spread: 15 to 40 feet.Crown uniformity: Irregular outline or silhouette.Crown shape: Varied from round to upright.Crown density: Moderate.Growth rate:  Fast.Texture: Medium. Foliage Leaf arrangement: Opposite/subopposite.Leaf type: Simple.Leaf margin:  Lobed; incised; serrate.Leaf shape:  Ovate.Leaf venation: Palmate.Leaf type and persistence:  Deciduous.Leaf blade length: 2 to 4 inches.Leaf color: Green.Fall color: orange; red; yellow.​Fall characteristic: showy. Culture Light requirement: Part shade to full sun.Soil tolerances:  Clay; loam; sand; acidic.Drought tolerance:  Moderate.Aerosol salt tolerance:  Low.Soil salt tolerance:  Poor. Pruning Most red maples, if in good health and free to grow, need very little pruning, other than training to select a leading shoot that establishes the trees framework.   Maples should not be pruned in spring when they will bleed profusely. Wait to prune until late summer to early autumn and only on young trees. Red maple is a large grower and needs at least 10 to 15 feet of clear trunk below the bottom branches when mature.

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The Limits And Possibilities Of Education As An Agent For...

I can see the limits and possibilities of education as an agent for change. My evidence for this belief is shown throughout the essay by Nussbaum and different articles that were posted on Blackboard (United States history also shows the different reasons). Individuals who advocate for change are influenced by education, and statistics show advancement in work-life earnings and in social justice. Although work-life earnings and social justice (race, ethnicity, and gender equality) have improved because of education, unequal pay based on race and gender, racism, and stereotypical thoughts still exist in our society. In this essay, I will discuss how education qualifies as an agent for change while showing that there are many obstacles on the road to obtain intellectual equanimity in our society. The first contention that shows how education is an agent that holds limits and possibilities are Education for Profit, Education for Freedom by Martha C Nussbaum. â€Å"Critical thinking is a discipline that can be taught as part of a school’s curriculum, but it will not be well taught unless it informs the entire spirit of a school’s pedagogy† (43). Based on the examples given by Nussbaum earlier, â€Å"research demonstrates that normal people are willing to engage in behavior that humiliates and stigmatizes if their situation is set up in a certain way, casting themselves in a dominant role and telling them that the others are their inferiors† (41). Tackling the ideas of the childrenShow MoreRelated Exemplification Essay: The Dead-end of Professional Sports1104 Words   |  5 PagesAfter this miracle season, Thurman made a decision that would change his fortunes. Rather than come back for his senior year and get his degree, he elected to make himself eligible for the NBA draft. With a NCAA championship under his belt, Thurman was confident he was ready for the NBA, but NBA scouts had different ideas. Thurman could only sit and watch the dr aft from start to finish. Today Thurman finds himself without a college education and still chasing his NBA dream in the Continental BasketballRead MoreThe Functionalist Perspective And The Conflict Perspective1349 Words   |  6 PagesI believe education is the blueprint to a successful future for most yet with people of color there are setbacks and loophole all due to race. People of color believe not matter how hard they work the system will always create a disadvantage point keeping them in an oppressive state. In order for real change, they have to believe that their hard work can to give them the American dream. The Functionalist perspective and the Conflict perspective play contrasting roles in the education system withRead MoreMy Ambition For Science And Mathematics Essay1375 Words   |  6 Pages We moved often to various counties in the Saint Louis area because my knew quality education was based on place. I was now in my junior year and this was my sixth high school that I attended. This school was unlike the others. I was surrounded by middle and upper class families that looked like me. This was a new experience. My obsession for science and mathematics took hold. I immersed myself in this new community, taking part in various clubs, learning, inventing and experimenting. I walkedRead MoreMy Experience With Science And Mathematics Essay1402 Words   |  6 Pages My mother was determined for all her children to graduate high school so we moved often to various counties in the St. Louis area because she knew quality education was based on place. I was now in my junior year and this was my sixth high school that my siblings and I attended. This school was unlike the others. We were surrounded by middle and upper class families that looked like us. This was definitely a new experience. I walked into the corridor of this brand new school and the brightnessRead MoreMy Personal Philosophy Of The Gifted Learner Essay1396 Words   |  6 Pagesprovide opportunities for the gifted learner to express his/her abilities and/or talents. Gifted students learn differently and require special educational experiences in order to grow academically and achieve their highest potential. Therefore, the education field must be able to understand not only the cognitive side of a gifted learner but the affective or social/emotional aspects too. Knowing this about the gifted learner and coming to the realizations about the democratic classroom and workingRead MoreOutline Policy And Regulatory Frame Work Essay1021 Words   |  5 Pagesand regulatory frame work relating to inclusive practice. Education faces the challenge of enabling Students with special educational needs in school Inclusive. However, understanding what the public policies of inclusive education are The legal documents are fundamental to identify the advances and setbacks in the system educational. With the objective of contributing to the field of public policies of special education From an inclusive perspective, we seek to know the meaning, characterRead MoreGraduation Speech : A High Quality Education Essay1270 Words   |  6 PagesEquity in Access My mother was determined for all her children graduate from high school so we often moved to various counties in the St. Louis area because she knew a high quality education was based on zip code. I was now in my junior year and in my sixth high school and although difficult to believe, I was surrounded by middle and upper class families that looked like me. I walked into the corridor of this new school and resembled a shopping mall with vast resources for students. My obsessionRead MoreEssay For College Athletes1558 Words   |  7 Pagesathletes come from urban, low-class families and often leave school early because of the unimaginable pressure to be the main provider for their family at a young age. Players wouldn’t have to leave school early and would still be able to pursue an education while taking care of their family back home. This would possibly increase graduation rates, allow fans to see their favorite players mature through college, and ensure coaches are prepar ing athletes as much as possible for the next level. A largeRead MoreSocial Construction Of Male Dominance Essay1716 Words   |  7 Pagesantenatal care, to mention a few), even when they are directly affected by such decisions (Kinanee and Ezekiel-Hart 2009). Gender is the social construction of roles allocated to men and women (O’ Brien and White 2003). These roles vary geographically and change over time (O’ Brien and White 2003). The conventional system in many African countries lay out specific roles that both men and women are to perform in their families and communities. For instance, from childhood boys are instilled with the mentalityRead MoreHow My Lesson Plan Incorporates Children s Stories1733 Words   |  7 PagesTeachers must find a way to get students to connect to the story, form complex ideas about the story’s meaning, and show them how to prove these ideas; A difficult task to complete with books that take weeks to read. There is a need, ther efore, to limit the quantity of tasks a teacher needs to complete to teach students how to interpret the text. The lesson uses children’s books to correct the problem by having relatability established beforehand and, in many cases, getting students to

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Administrative Law for Australian Judicial System- myassignmenthelp

Question: Discuss about theAdministrative Law for Australian Judicial System. Answer: There is a significance has been found from a decade in Australian Judicial System where the Administrative law has make a huge establishment in the application under the State Administrative Tribunal under the State Administrative Tribunal Act 2004. The Australia states have their own contemplating law of reforms, which depends on the Tort law, and by the reform effort, it helps to response on difference disputes and negligence issues. The Australian Administrative law is the part of under the judicial system. The application of the law it helps to identify litigiousness according to the qualitative claims. The Administrative helps to understand the litigiousness in Australia, which always consist of the process of the judicial process, and other ways in according to the particular application of the law (Hooper 2017). The litigation is described as willingness to assert legal rights. The High Court of Australia has defines the litigiousness as the eagerness of proceed through legal system. it also helps to measure the efficacy of law in directing social behavior. For the application under the formal legal process people applying it for a better review to resolve the disputes. they used to solve the disputes through the negotiation process as they used to prefer the preserve relationship rather than rapture with it. According to the concept of the litigiousness prevailing orthodoxy it make the essential needs of the economy. It is the most important process to deal with the resolving issues outside of the court (Barnett 2017). According to merits review of administrative law it consider the authority that helps in decision-making process under a particular legal framework. It exercises their powers and discretions conferred on the primary decision maker. Under such merit reviews the Migration Act 1958 is one if the legislation which works with the primary decision and helps to establish and substitute a new decision. It has reconsidered under the Department of Immigration and Border Protection. In this legislation, the decisions can review according to the lodge application and payable fees. The internal review of the administrative law is a review process on the merits of an agencys primary decision. It has the advantages as if it is a quick and inexpensive process and access through the personal contact between the citizen and agency. It helps to impose positive consideration in decision-making and attitudes of fellow officers, warn the agencies for deficiencies or discrepancies in decision-making proces s. The disadvantages are risks of a public perception of lack of impartiality, confusing stages, prevent speedy resolution by an external review and cost of administrative review. Australia has its own federal system which has it a wide-ranging efforts by the federal and state system which deals with the facilitate self-representation, simplification of proceedings, and policies to encourage and flexible arrangements in courts by litigants. Australian Court can advertise the documents where it interfere with the decision making process for the recommendation of such proceedings. Several arguments has introduced where they have mentioned about the policy consideration which concern with the public policy or the interests of the person primarily affected by the decision. In this process, it becomes associated with collecting, validating and comparing quantitative data; it is not surprising that comparative commentary on litigiousness resorts to cultural portrayals. The cultures and the litigious process are both related with each other. Therefore, from a long time, it has been criticize and sometimes the researcher has approaches for the alternative explanations (Hooper 2017). The Procedural Fairness is a process, which is used for the decision-making, purposes rather that an actual outcomes. Therefore, it is necessary to precede the judicial procedure with fair and appropriate procedure. The decision making process is actually processed by the decision maker who will operate the whole program with a fair and appropriate way. However, there are several differences between the natural justice and procedural fairness according to the preferable administrative decision-making process. The natural justice is the part of law that is processed under the court but a fair process is always necessary while process the judicial system. the procedural fairness always ensure the development of the decision making process where a natural and simple process is being used which includes informing the people as per their interest, provide the rights to hear the case processing, appropriate evidence along with the complete and fair judgment (Barnett 2017). The rule of natural justice has been exercising according to the negative reflective that need to resolve the interest of a person or corporation. For the procedural fairness, it is necessary for apply the fair decision for cancelling a license or provide benefits for the disciple an employee or penalty for offence and other damages and losses which has been caused due to some negligence. It is also applicable for those people who are having a legitimate expectation and want to protect their legal rights. In some circumstances the procedural fairness is also enacted by the acts of parliament where it requires to fulfill the requirements like lack of bias, evidence for support any decision, hearing rule and enquiry about the disputes. It is also requiring knowing whether there is any duty for the fair procedural or not. Therefore one clear, contrary legislative intention, administrative decision-makers also affected for the decision. Under the procedure, the duty is require that must affect the person individually or a community. The procedural fairness is only exists where it afford the decision making ability. In the case of High Court in Saeed v Minister for Immigration and Citizenship the procedural fairness has been applied for the protection of the principle of legality. The court is also looks and depends on the duty in the procedure that is completely exclude from the inconsistent along with the proper operative with the relevant statutory provisions. The express statutory provisions also required to oblige the making of a decision that must clear the intension of the natural justice (Barnett 2017). The content of procedural fairness it should afford the duty of the procedural fairness. The reasonable fairness also provides the opportunities for the parties for fair and relevant circumstances. The basic rules are requires the hearing rule and rule against bias. The hearing rule is one of the most important parts under the procedural fairness. It is the way where any person is always require for the fair demands where that person must reply to a government agency against any negative effects, which also includes the existing interest or a legitimate expectation. It is a process where the person only concerns with the opportunity along with the appropriate circumstances. The hearing rule process the must received and considered before the decision has been made in the process. The process also requires having a possible decision under some criteria. Therefore, several information must be provided in the process. An individual person can have also applied for a procedural fairness that has governed by the government decision. It is also required when any person is affected with negative reflective can apply such procedure. The process also included the proposal and any negative or prejudicial information relating with the decision making process (Barnett 2017). Australian administrator law has been introduced for the exercising of the powers and responsibilities by the Australian governments, which produced the common law system along with a statutory; overlay which helps to codified Judicial review and tribunals with extensive powers of direction. The Australian administers law mainly developed according to the ombudsman system and freedom of information legislation and it produce some delegated legislation with the collaboration of United States. the Australian administrative law has mainly developed by the legal framework of the United Kingdom and United States which has become one of the most strongest administrative tribunals for exercising the codification and procedural Reform of the system of Judicial review and the creation of an office of ombudsman. It is developed on the terms of common law and codified under the administrative decision Judicial review act 1977. the administrative law is the statutory framework of the law regulat ing government decision making process which allow and applies to the government decision for every individual matters. The administrative law has provides the decision making process which should be fair, hi qualify, efficient and effective for that individual matters. It should be applied to the individual access according to the merits and law fullness of decision and conduct of that matter. Accountability is another important part where government decision and conducts has involved under the administrative law. The public access on to information always depends on the government decision, processes, and individual access to personal information, which only held by the government of the Australia (Barnett 2017). Under the separation of power between the legislature executive and judiciary in Australian constitution it is only allowed the independence of the federal court and according to the Australian constitution it only applicable in three different ways. The parliament of Australia helps to establish the process of decision making as per the basis of merit reviews of decisions and the ministers accountable decisions. The government has also power in the decision-making based on merits review for at the Tribunal assesses. the merits in particular cases according to the legislation of the Australia the court has also powers to declare and enforceable the legal limits which only helps to Judicial review application (Hooper 2017). The administrative law system has played many roles it helps to includes the primary decision making process, internal merits review of primary decisions, external merits reviews, Judicial review, Commonwealth ombudsman, office of the Australian Information Commissioner, administrative review cancel merit, protection commissioner parliamentary committee. The Attorney General is one of the important part in the administrative law which always held responsibility for the decision making process through the administrative appeal tribunals and legislative instrument (Barnett 2017). Reference Barnett, H., 2017. Constitutional and administrative law. Taylor Francis. Elliott, M. and Varuhas, J.N., 2017. Administrative law: text and materials. Oxford University Press. High Court in Saeed v Minister for Immigration and Citizenship Hooper, G.R., 2017. Judicial Review and Proportionality: Making a Far-Reaching Difference to Administrative Law in Australia or a Misplaced and Injudicious Search for Administrative Justice?. Pearce, D.C., Paterson, M., Zifcak, S.P. and Telford, P. eds., 2015. Australian Administrative Law. LexisNexis Australia. Rose-Ackerman, S., Lindseth, P.L. and Emerson, B. eds., 2017. Comparative administrative law. Edward Elgar Publishing. Sossin, L., 2014. Administrative Law Administrative Justice in an Interconnected World. Canadian Journal of Administrative Law Practice, 27(1), p.53.

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Alien Rhyming Poem free essay sample

I’ll even do the rhyming thing, I guess. Firstly, I should tell you of our species But keep in mind, we’re very different beings Our social status is decided by blood. Some were brightly colored, others were like mud. Not of whom we are from descended from, We had no family, no dad, or mum. We are assigned a caretaker from birth, Not of Troll descent, for what it’s worth. They’re assigned an animal, called a lusus, I, was a special case. One that caused a fuss. I had candy red blood. I was a mutant. And most trolls, considered me a pollutant. I was left for dead as a baby grub, It was quite an intentional snub. I would have died that first night, cold and lonesome, If it weren’t for one troll, who was wholesome. No troll had ever cared for a young one, Let alone raise it, was their son. We will write a custom essay sample on Alien Rhyming Poem or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page She was an adult, in green attire, And the look on her face, made her seem quite dire. Despite her outwardly appearance She taught me the meaning of adherence. Our species is naturally hostile, And knowing this, made me feel quite vile. I despised all of my species needless strife, The type that nearly ended my life. The hierarchical system is cruel, Leaving it to chance if you serve or rule. The lowest color on the hemospectrum, Were the bronze-bloods, all of which were thought as scum They were lucky to live through their childhood, And they were blessed if they were understood. The second of blood colors was yellow, These poor souls were forced to live in the ghetto. And if they could not afford to live there, They were sold to slavery, and none would care. Up next was olive, jade, and then teal, And none of these were really a big deal. After that, cerulean and dark blue, These were the hardest to attend to. These classes were always struggling for power, It made their general tone, quite sour. The highest of the normal bloods was purple, And out of all of them, they were most verbal. Always making demands, but never amends, However, the aggrievance extends. They considered themselves royalty, Flaunting around all flamboyantly. Near the top, were the violet blooded, And they lived in places that were flooded. They had a mutation which gave them gills, And plenty of impractical frills. And at the top were those with blood like gold, And every single one of them was cold. They like the purple-bloods had gills and frills, But they would kill others just for thrills They ruled over our race with an iron fist, But only one at any time could exist. This made a cruel sort of monarchy One which plunged plunged the lowbloods into poverty. And if you spoke out against the crimes Well it was like stepping into a field of landmines. And if one was seen with my blood hue, They’d be allowed to kill me. Through, and through. Despite all this, she raised me as a child, And when I learned of this I think I smiled But that was the only blessing I was brought, For the rest of my life, I wish I forgot. I traveled the lands, preaching my ideal, I had set out on my quest with a great zeal. I sought to change the views of society, And change all of their impropriety. I taught the values of peace and love, Something that most were afraid to talk of. Not all were too fond of my teachings, They thought of it as annoying screeching. But eventually, I gathered a cult. One much to her majesty’s insult. She sent her best men to find and catch me, I on the other hand, did my best to flee. Eventually they caught me, my disciple too, But in some stroke of luck, the let her through. She went on, spreading word of my Lessons, I hope she went on, to teach her own sessions I, however was not treated so well, They locked me up in their deepest cell. They tortured me for what seemed like forever, They had no mercy for me whatsoever. I screamed with anger that pierced the skies All of my love, had said their goodbyes. The only thing left, was anger and hatred, And in time, all my teachings faded. I could not make a stand for peace and love, For those, my species are unworthy of. And now you know all of my suffering, And why my irons, are still burning. †

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why essays

why essays A true friend is something that is hard to come by. They have many rare qualities. These qualities are not the same for every person. A true friend can not really be defined because each person has different qualities they look for in a friend. A true friend is someone who cares about you no matter what the situation is. They care about you no matter what happens. They stick with you through thick and thin. They dont turn their back on you as soon as things dont go well. A true friend is someone you can trust to always tell you the truth. You can trust them to keep secrets. You can be sure they won't tell anyone just because they are your friend. A true friend is someone who never betrays you; who never lets you down. You feel safe with them. A true friend is someone you can rely on. You can be sure that they will always be there when you need them. You can lean on them when you need help. They support your decisions, and stand by you no matter where you stand. A friend has similar interests as you. You can talk to them for hours and never run out of topics of conversation. The most important qualities in a friend for me are honesty because I want to be sure I can trust them. They should have similar interests as me; I wouldnt want to not have anything to talk about. I would want them to be loyal, but not like fanatical or anything. A true friend is something special. They are one of the most important things in ones life. They make burdens more bearable; and good times more pleasurable. Without friends life is meaningless. ...

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Organic Vs Convetional foods Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 words

Organic Vs Convetional foods - Research Paper Example Conflicting ideas have emanated on the use of organic foods over conventional leading to a heated debate between organo-skeptics and those in favor of organic technology. The debate emanates from those who say that its worth to spend more money on Organic Foods because of their overall health benefits, and those who urge people to save money and buy conventional food products. My choice of organic versus conventional foods debate is related to the fact that I live New York City that is characterized by Health revolution. I have lately witnessed the closure of old restaurants in order to give way to the new ones offering organic foods. Additionally, supermarkets that offer all-organic experience have been popularized more compared to those trading on conventional food products. The New York Times reports a new study from researchers at Stanford University that suggests that there is minute nutritional variation between organic fruits or vegetables over their more expensive counterpart s. This has sparked the debate on the superiority of the two forms of food products in related to nutritional as well as non-nutritional factors. THE DEBATE The debate surrounding organic versus conventional foods revolves around three issues namely productivity, benefits and costs. The recent trend in the increased popularity of organic products among Americans has nothing to do with the perceived nutritional superiority. The Stanford study focused more on nutrients that contribute minimally to the reasons leading to the debate. According to the American Prospect (2008), many people perceive that organic food products are healthier than conventionally produced food products. However, organo-skeptics portend that it is not worthy spending more money buying organic foods when one can purchase cheaper conventionally produced products. The opinion of the organic lobbyists is based on the fact that organic production is devoid of fertilizers or pesticides use. This leads to the assumpti on that pesticides residues cannot be deposited in the foods products. The absence of pesticides implies that the products develop a natural defense mechanism. Scientists suppose that the defense factor occurs in the form of natural chemicals called phenols. The supporters claim that the chemicals act as antioxidants. Organic fruits and vegetables are becoming popular in the supermarkets because of the notion that the antioxidants they possess protect the body from cancers and heart disease. However, organo-skeptics portends that the natural pesticides may possess negative impacts on the body health. They insist that there is no proof for any health gains from organic foods. According to organic lobbyists, this is disputable because lack of such evidence can be attributed to the absence of appropriate research studies on the topic. Organo-skeptics claim that the use of manure in production of organic fruits and vegetables has led to contamination of food products with bacteria E. Co li. Critics associate the presence of these harmful pathogens with food poisoning. However, research has shown that composting the manure for a precise period of time and maintaining it at an exact temperature reduces bacterial composition (Lester, Manthey and Buslig 4474-80). Supporters of organic farming argue that safety strategies are already in place to ensure that the risk of food poisoning is minimized. Supporters of the use of